-Kilimanjaro Expedition Teammates, Board Members, & Climb Affiliates- 
Carel Verhoef Kili.jpg

It is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to our expedition guide leaders,

Carel Verhoef and his wife (& physiotherapist) Sally Grierson!

Carel and Mandy have been working closely together in planning this climb over the last year,

he is highly experienced and knowledgeable. To learn more visit www.conservationthroughtourism.com !

This pair also works closely with: KILI to Coast, Serengeti Show Live, 7 Summits Africa, & The Great Migration Camps!

Edward John Drake
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Mr. Drake is the Founder of Good Complex, LLC- a distinguished production company and a member of the WGAW. Edward Drake is an award-winning writer & director based in Los Angeles. Born in Australia, Drake started as an assistant to Mark Romanek and Academy Award- winning Producer Michael Sugar at Anonymous Content.  Drake has been recognized for his work across film and television.  

Drake is the winner of the Austin Film Festival’s 2020 Screenwriting Award (Dramatic) for The Young Woman. A member of the WGA West, Drake’s feature-film credits include American Siege, Broil, Breach, Cosmic Sin, Apex, and more.



Francis Cronin

Francis Cronin is an Irish born-and-raised standup comedian, actor, writer, producer and a Veteran in the Irish Army, where he served as a UN Quick Reaction Forces Soldier.  He first achieved national acclaim for his humorous adventure sketch videos on his YouTube channel 'GlowPunk.'

In 2012 Francis won the 'People's Choice Award' at the WAFF Awards in Ireland, and received an 'Honorary Headcase Award' in 2013. Francis was also nominated for an 'Outsider - Person of the Year Award' in 2013 for his documentary series about living in a tent for his entire final year of university. In 2019, Francis became the newest ambassador for Homeless Health Care Los Angeles.

Francis has performed standup comedy in French, Spanish and English across the US and Europe. Francis received a Full-Scholarship at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting, a conservatory in the heart of Hollywood, where he refined his acting craft.

His latest endeavor, 'Rough Set,' combines his military survival training, acting skills, standup comedy chops and street smarts to raise money for the homeless of Ireland & LA.



Laffrey Witbrod

Laffrey Witbrod is an award-winning cinematographer and storyteller who has over 15 years' experience shooting movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Films Witbrod has lensed include American Siege (Bruce Willis), The Offer (Sam Li), and the award winning LGBTQ documentary Cecil & Carl. Recent projects have taken him to Beijing, Mexico, Iceland, and New Zealand, and he's worked with American Airlines, National Geographic, and ABC. Witbrod enjoys telling stories of inclusion that amplify a diversity of perspectives and reflect his sense of adventure and community. As an extra bonus there is always chocolate in his pocket which he is willing to share.


John Hooser

Email: Handhikinghelper@gmail.com 

If you have any additional questions regarding events, fundraising, partnerships, or this climb particularly- John is the person to ask in the event you cannot reach me!  

Megan Holmes
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Megan Holmes is my personal wellness coach, she has known me for roughly 4 years! She and her daughter Hazel have accompanied me to the summit of the Incline a few times and on occasion she has also been known to help me alter my clothes with her ever-talented variety of skills!

Ling Li

Ling Li is a remarkable woman that is highly accomplished in mountaineering & travel as an agent for Worldwide Adventures! She will be helping me with conditioning and acclimatization at elevation as well as travel arrangements for this endeavor!  If you're interested to see how she might be able to help you with your next adventure contact: ling@worldwide-adv.com

Daniel Pond.jpg

Daniel Pond is a United States Veteran and experienced mountaineer. In 2018, he is the mountaineer that made Pikes Peak a possibility for me, just by believing in me and carrying my pack. For this climb, he has been helping me with some easy training and assembly of a gear list that will help to ensure my success. 

It takes a village, there are several more not pictured/mentioned here!