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Conservation Through Tourism

Conservation Through Tourism is an organization located in Moshi, Tanzania, Africa, whose mission is to encourage tourism to communities and parks that are vulnerable or endangered. Increased tourism, increases revenue, which is critical for protecting unique habitats and biodiversity within those habitats.

  • Conservation Through Tourism was founded by Carel Verhoef and Sally Grierson (pictured to the right).

  • In 2020, Carel first became accquianted with Mandy Horvath & Team to discuss safely climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

  • Once plans were defined, Sally Grierson joined the excursion to aid in feminine support as a physiotherapist.

  • June 16th 2021, the team was successful in their mission to ensure that Mandy Horvath summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

  • The ascent began on her 28th birthday, and took 6 days to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro's tallest point, Uruhu Peak. She was accompanied by a team of guides known as Ahsante Tours, and assisted by a leader of the group, Julius John White, in hazardous areas.

  • The climb was dedicated to benefitting the efforts of her commanders organization- Conservation Through Tourism.


Photo: Standing L to R- Carel Verhoef, 2 TANAPA Officers.

Sitting L to R, Sally Grierson, Mandy Horvath, & Julius John White.

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