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In July of 2021, Ms. Horvath was invited to Colombia South America, Venecia, Antioquia, to visit Cerro Tusa Springs, a developing eco resort and hotel, to aid management in gauging accessibility to the property for people with physical limitations. On the property is the world's tallest natural pyramid, known as Cerro Tusa. Accompanied by a partner of the resort, Andrew, and a volunteer from Ireland, Karl, Mandy climbed to its peak without the use of prosthetic equipment. The climb took around 9 hours to ascend, and only roughly an hour to descend, as the team sat, and slid down its steep grade.


Mandy Horvath also became the first woman in recorded history to summit one of the world's Eight Summits, Mount Kilimanjaro, by crawling, on June 16, 2021. In an interview prior to the attempt, Horvath said she had an estimated 40 pairs of gloves and expected the climb to take 10–14 days depending on weather and other factors. The ascent began on her 28th birthday, and took her 6 days to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro's tallest point, Uruhu Peak. She was accompanied by a team of guides known as Ahsante Tours, and assisted by a leader of the group, Julius John White, in hazardous areas. Ms. Horvath was also accompanied by a team of documentarians, Edward John Drake, Francis Cronin, and Laffrey Witbrod. The documentary is currently in post-production, titled: "Mandy's Mountain." The climb was dedicated to benefitting the efforts of Conservation Through Tourism, an organization located in Moshi, Tanzania.

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September 28, 2019, Mandy became the first recorded bi-lateral amputee to crawl up the steps of the Statue of Liberty to the crown, without the aid of prosthetic equipment. She was accompanied by teammate Nicholas Hallisy and assisted on the island by members of the National Parks Service, & other members of national security and defense. A video of her ascending the stairs to be greeted by Park Rangers went viral, and she utilized the notoriety to raise awareness for veteran non-profit, Cars4Heroes


In August 2019, Mandy led fellow bi-lateral amputee and Army veteran, SGT Travis Strong, up Barr Trail to ascend Pikes Peak. Strong was injured in 2006, in an explosion that occurred in Baghdad. Inspired by Horvath to go further, the pair labelled themselves the "Legless Legends," and dedicated the climb to raising awareness for the veteran non-profit, An organization dedicated to providing reliable transportation to veterans and their families. On the evening of August 18, 2019, Ms. Horvath safely made her second ascent of Pikes Peak, and Strong made his first, making him the first male bi-lateral amputee to climb Pikes Peak without the aid of prosthetic equipment. Accompanied by ruckers Nicholas Hallisy, Robert Greiner, & videographer, Gil Bolibol. Ms. Horvath celebrated 1 year of sobriety from alcohol on summit day, she was handed her 1 year chip by her father. Hallisy also recieved his 9 month sobriety chip. Promptly after descending the mountain, the two were able to donate a vehicle to a local veteran on behalf of C4H in Manitou Springs.

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On the evening of June 10, 2018, Horvath's 25th birthday, she and Daniel Pond, a mountaineering guide and marine veteran, began their ascent of Pikes Peak, from the base of the Manitou Incline. June 13, 2018: 74 Hours later, crawling all 13 miles of Barr Trail unassisted by carrying, experiencing severe inflammation to her hands, a delayed hypersensitive reaction to the alpine region's wildflowers, and a myriad of weather, she and Pond safely ascended to the 14,115 ft summit of Pikes Peak, becoming the first bi-lateral amputee ever to do so without the aid of prosthetic equipment. Met at the summit by a crowd of cheering spectators, she was embraced by her parents and her younger sibling. The climb was devoted to fundraising for two veteran non-profit organizations:

The Battle Buddy Foundation, and Operation Ward 57


April 23, 2018, Mandy Horvath became the first female bi-lateral above knee amputee to ascend the Manitou Incline without the use of prosthetic equipment, in an effort to raise awareness for Limb loss Awareness Month. Horvath's first ascent took 5 hours and she was carried down Barr Trail by 2 that accompanied her, Daniel Pond & Keith Topping.

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