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Operation Ward 57

Operation Ward 57 is a non-profit organization supporting our hero post 9/11 wounded, ill and injured service members (and veterans), their loved ones & family members as well as those that aid in their recovery. Our organization was founded by and consists of wounded service members, current & former members of the military & Walter Reed Medical Center as well as those that have big hearts and want to make a difference in another individuals life.

Mandy has a huge heart especially when it comes to veterans and amputees.

In 2018, she set out to climb Pikes Peak to help others in hopes of easing their burdens. 
She chose two valiantly worthy organizations in order to bring donations to:
“For my birthday fundraiser I want to bring donations and awareness to

The Battle Buddy Foundation and Operation Ward 57

Operation Ward 57 Supports wounded, injured and ill service members, veterans, their caregivers and those that aid in their recovery by providing assistance and outreach. They supply amputees with adaptive clothing and morale items to family members and staff such as DVD or gaming consoles, personal patient visits, toys, furniture, financial and material support for the acquisition and training of service animals, holiday events for those unable to leave the hospital, support in the form of advocacy, education, and they even hold concerts and events around the country.

“Personally, I have the philosophy that in traumatic events it is best to surround yourself with people who will carry you, even when you cannot carry yourself. As stated before, I’m not a veteran, but I’ve spent a LOT of time in the hospital. My surgeon was a Desert Storm Fighter Pilot for the USAF and during my recovery I had an amazing team of uplifting caregivers to support me that understood all facets of what I was trying to cope with internally and externally. I had many people local to the surgery visit me, donate necessities to my mother so she could stay with me, and truly uplift my morale when I could not do so myself. Everything that Operation Ward 57 encompasses in support I understand and have a great amount of respect for. They have personally aided a few of my wounded friends that in turn helped me with my recovery.”

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